Sometimes love isn’t what we expect it to be, its not always the magical fairy-tail that wanders in our minds or the rumbling of butterflies in ours stomach. Love is something that we all are still searching for, love is undefinable, something way more precious than words can describe. The…

Does comforting ourselves with lies instead of accepting the truths really bring peace?

Why is the truth usually called bitter? Why are lies used to convince us to do various things favouring others? One of the worst habits that we carry is that we fail to accept the reality which is right in front of our bare eyes probably at any point of…

The faded memories still trace back to my heart

Should I call myself fortunate enough to meet a person just as pure as you? Or should I say that we were destined to meet? Can we make it easier by saying that you came into my life as a wholesome blessing and departed or lead your way out as…

Vanshika Kumar

A writer who’s making through the various chapters of life

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